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Liquid Leather For Leather - 9 ml

Liquid Leather For Leather - 9 ml

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Liquid Leather for leather seats and interiors


Liquid leather is a strong adhesive, very flexible. Effective for repairs on leather, sky, imitation leather, eco leather, vinyl and plastic.

To repair cracks, scratches, cuts, tears and holes. Small damages can be easily repaired with our Colourcare24 Liquid Leather.

  • Liquid Leather is a putty for repairing small holes, cracks, cuts, scratches and deeper fractures.
  • Remains flexible after drying, small damages can be easily repaired with Liquid Leather,
  • Very effective for small repairs on leather, eco leather, leather, sky, vinyl and plastic.
  • Recommended for damage where an elastic filler is needed to fill a damage in the skin.
  • Cuoio Liquido is available in different shades, it is smooth and shiny after drying.

The area to be restored must be clean and dry; degrease thoroughly with a Leather Degreaser before repairing.

Rough scratches and crack edges can be smoothed with sandpaper before repairing.

Always test on an inconspicuous surface and check the color tone. Fill the damaged leather with the liquid leather and let it dry for two to four hours. Repeat until the crack is completely filled.

Liquid Leather cannot be shaped once it has completely dried. Instructions for use for the application of Liquid Leather on "mycolourcare24".

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If you also purchased the touch-up kit, here are the application steps:

Step 1: Rub the area to be treated with the "mywipe 70%" wipe (alcohol-anti-silicone), let it absorb briefly for effective removal and finally remove all residues left on the skin. The anti-silicone solvent protectively eliminates greasy dirt, impurities and prepares the surface of the leather for coloring. 

Step 2: The color should be applied on the sponge provided and not directly on the skin. Dab very thin layers, blend towards the seam and dot the dye, drying it with a hairdryer at medium temperature. 

Step 3: Leather Shield leather sealer offers protection for heavily used smooth surfaces. 
Protects the entry area of ​​the car from rapid wear and/or possible discoloration caused by clothing. On the skin they are noticeably diminished: the sealant is a protective veil for the interior.

The sealant must be applied after cleaning or after coloring and before any treatment with a nourishing cream.

Excellent coverage, maximum "Made in Italy" quality

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