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Porsche Boxster Red Shoulder Pad Touch-up Kit - Leather & Eco-leather

Porsche Boxster Red Shoulder Pad Touch-up Kit - Leather & Eco-leather

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Leather Fresh - Color Refresher for Shoulder Pads & Seat for Porsche

Leather Fresh by mycolourcare Restores the surface of slightly scratched, worn or discolored leather.

Regenerates color to touch up leather shoulder pads. It is applied with a sponge. It is not necessary to remove the seats.

The product is suitable for touch-ups and coloring on pigmented leather, designed for private individuals, upholsterers and dealerships who can carry out a quick, simple repair themselves with a professional result.

The kit consists of:

Leather Fresh - Porsche Red Boxster satin color bottle for seat pad* 60ml

* always request confirmation of the exact name from the Dealer

Anti-silicone solvent - specific for Leather 30 ml

  • Quick solvent before skin coloring, easily removes:
  • grease, oils, residual pollution and grease - it does not replace the detergent

Leather shield sealant - reduces friction 30 ml

  • high protection against wear and color transfer on Pigmented Leather.

4 x Application sponges, fine abrasive paper 9 x 7 cm

Instructions for use for the application of the colourcare24 kit: 

After deep cleansing of the skin with a specific skin cleanser or a neutral PH cleanser. 

Step 1: Rub and remove with the anti-silicone alcohol provided and a clean cloth on the part to be treated, let it penetrate briefly to remove and then rub all the residues left on the skin. The anti-silicone remover protectively removes greasy dirt and leather impurities and prepares the leather surface for staining.

Step 2: Colourlock color should be applied on the supplied sponge and not directly on the skin. Dab on very fine layers and blend towards the seam and dot the dye by drying it with a hairdryer at medium temperature. 

Step 3: Leather Shield leather sealer offers protection for heavily used smooth surfaces. 
It protects the entrance area of ​​the car from rapid wear, possible discoloration caused by clothing on the skin is significantly reduced, the sealant is a protective film for the interior.

The sealant should be applied after cleaning or coloring and always before a treatment with a nourishing cream.

Excellent coverage, maximum "Made in Germany"

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