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Leather Sealant - 120 ml

Leather Sealant - 120 ml

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Leather Sealant - Leather Shield - Pigmented leather surface protection - maintenance of car interiors, sofas, bags, shoes

Leather Sealant - Leather Shild by Colourcare24 120 ml is a protection and care product for leather car interiors, sofas, jackets and bags.

Colourcare24 Leather Sealant in a 120 ml pack reduces abrasions, stains and color transfer on leather seats and sofas.

Offers protection for smooth new and heavily worn leather surfaces. The sealing protects the entry area in the car or the sofas from rapid wear. Skin discolorations in clothing are also noticeably diminished. New leather must be cared for with our Colourcare24 Leather Sealant within the first three years. New leather does not require special care, but rather effective protection against traces of wear and abrasion as well as discoloration from clothing. Bags, belts and wallets usually begin to show typical signs of wear and tear over the course of the first few months. This is prevented by Leather Sealant.

Treat these areas every 1-2 months. Directions:

Always test products first in a hidden area for possible changes! The sealing is applied after cleaning or after coloring and before treatment with Leather Protector - nourishing cream from Colourcare24. The sealant should only be applied to clean skin.


Wet the supplied sponge lightly with Colourcare24 Leather Sealant and leave to dry without subsequent polishing. Apply a light layer of mycolourcare Leather Sealant from seam to seam with a cloth and allow to dry. One application is enough. Repeat every three months on stretched surfaces. Older leather should also be treated with the Colourcare24 Leather Protector Nourishing Leather Protective Cream after one hour of sealing.

1 x 120ml bottle Leather Shield - Leather Sealant

2 x Application sponges

Instructions for use for the application of the mycolourcare24 kit

you can contact us for any questions on the assistance number 389 5542480

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If you also purchased the color touch-up kit,

Below are the steps for the application:

we are at your complete disposal, you can send us images of the worn areas via Whatsapp on 389 5542480 or call us directly.

Step 1: Rub and remove with the anti-silicone alcohol wipe provided on the part to be treated, let it penetrate briefly to remove and then rub all the residues left on the skin. The anti-silicone remover protectively removes greasy dirt and leather impurities and prepares the leather surface for staining. 

Step 2: The mycolourcare color should be applied on the supplied sponge and not directly on the skin. Dab on very fine layers and blend towards the seam and dot the dye by drying it with a hairdryer at medium temperature. 

Step 3: Leather Shield leather sealer offers protection for heavily used smooth surfaces. 
Protects the entry area of ​​the car from rapid wear, possible discoloration caused by clothing on the skin is significantly reduced, the sealant is a protective film for the interior

The sealant should be applied after cleaning or coloring and always before a treatment with a nourishing cream.

Maximum "quality" 100% Made in Italy

Delivery to Italy within 1 to 3 working days

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